Our fuel surge tank design is finalized! This will allow you to run two 044 Bosch fuelpumps! We have used this pump setup with E85 for years with out having any issues. We have seen power levels over 850 WHP on E85 and over 1000 hp on race gas. As a special offer we will offer the Surgetank in raw form (finished/welded) for 195! We are taking preorders right now for the first 12 sets! This will work on any kind of vehicle. We are finishing the Vehicle specific application for SC300, IS300 and MK3 Supra! It will have mounting tabs specific to each kind of car. Each tank is pressure tested to ensure a proper seal. This sale is only for the tank, with no pumps. (The pump holder, O-ring and bolts are included) In raw form so you can mod it to fit your application.