So for our next Blog, we will show you how easy it is to install a Tomei ARMS Turbo on your 1jzgte VVTi engine. Please make sure that the engine is cool to the touch, and if you are not sure, allow it to sit overnight to avoid any burns. Like anything car related, please use common sense and safety before starting this or any project. Make sure that your Other supporting mods are done prior to upgrading any engine parts. (fuel, fuel pump, Injectors, engine management) We are not responsible for any engine damage or any harm that you incur while you install this part and any other parts on your car. 


With all that out of the way, we can begin! This install was done on a fairly stock engine. The install was done by the owner of the car and we took all the pictures and gave him a little nook in the corner of the shop to install the new turbo.


 First you must remove all upper intake piping and heat shields. The removal is fairly simple and doesn't take long. You can clamp the coolant hoses to the turbo with two needle nose vice grips and two rags to avoid damaging the rubber hoses.


 Remove o2 sensor and set it aside in a safe place. Remove downpipe and also any other factory turbo parts that will not be used. Keep all heat shields as the new Turbo will be able to retain all factory heat shields! SWEET!

 Quick view of the manifold off. If you remove all the studs, you will be able to pull the turbo and manifold together as one. Remember to disconnect the drain, oil feed banjo bolt and also any turbo brackets that attach to the block.


 Factory turbo and manifold undone.


For the new turbo, make sure you install all the Studs supplied with it before you install the turbo. You can use two nuts to make sure the studs are tight if you don't have a stud remover/installer. 

 Install oil fittings.


 Install coolant banjo bolt and fitting with hose installed before you install turbo.


Make sure oil feed and water line is lined up like in the picture. This side goes against the block.


Outside water line fitting can be installed now....


 Along with the the hard line adapter. Make Sure you line it up just line the picture. Remember that these are AN ( Army-Navy) and don't need a lot of torque.

 Use two wrenches to tighten the hard line and soft line. Don't twist the hardline or it will break!


 Install oil drain with gasket. Don't bend this also. It will break or it will leak!


Point the turbo oil feed down, this pic was taken before it was clocked to face 6 O'Clock. Also notice that the water neck stud was changed to a bolt. Tomei says to grind it down or if you can't grind it down to install supplied bolt! Clever Japanese, they think of everything!

 Install turbo with manifold on, if you have an Outlet pipe from Tomei (not included with Turbo) install that before you drop the turbo in. Install the intake surge tank gaskets and spacers also and connect all the lines (coolant/ oil/ drain) Tomei also provides fire sleeve to cover oil and coolant lines, make sure you use it.


Now install all other stock parts you took off and you are almost done. Top off oil and coolant, just in case you lost any and check for leaks once you are done and turn on the car. Turbo runs about 10 psi to 12 psi. It will be safe to drive on stock injectors at these boost levels, but we recommend our AEM plug and play ECU, Fuel Injectors and also a set of Tomei cams to compliment your new turbo. I hope this blog helps you before and after you purchase this upgrade from our store. Remember, not many shops go thru all this trouble to make your purchase trouble free. As with any other purchase, please feel free to email us or call us with any questions you may have.


xiswell said on November 19, 2015:

hi, thanks for the tips,currently i am running on this tomei setup with a fairly stock engine. just some BPU’s . my tranny is currently automatic. compared to the stock turbo, boosting at 1bar gave a significant 280hp on dyno.however it is alittle of a lag monsta. do you have any tunning tips and recomendation i can do with my automatic tranny to get more respons?

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