So we go this Supra from the state of Nevada, drove down here and just made it in to the shop. It was running hot and iddling at 3,000 RPM odd right? Just rebuilt, and less then 500 miles on the engine (drive from Vegas is around 346 miles) After Chatting with customer and finding out some of the things that he payed a Shop good money for, we wanted to do a leakdown test on engine.


 Leakdown was over 50% (signs of a tired engine) but this is a new engine.... Well as always, we opened a can of worms. After leakdown we also found valves out of adjustment and one bent valve (engine has high lift cams, so we figured an installation Error) After looking in to the tune, we saw that it didn't look to far off, so we looked at the timing and position of the cam gears, and we found that the cams where not properly degreed and crank angle sensor was not sync'ed with the EMS.... Not good!

So on to the head...Race porting? Yes? NO! not much was done in the head. Just some removal of the casting left from the manufacturing of the head by Toyota and that is it.

 Same in this picture as well, Just clean up, no porting.

Check out this pocket porting master piece! Now the pocket was cleaned up, but look at the valve seat! how does one expect to have correct valve seal when you have grinded off part of it.

In other things, The head lifted with a MLS gasket and ARP studs are 14 PSI? REALLY!? Our machine shop found that the head was done. With out any valvetrain in it, the cams would not spin freely in the head. Why you may ask? The head was warped so bad that it was beyond repair. (reasons why the cams don't spin, head "lifting" engine runing hot) The bottom end was a mess. The line hone was way off and the oil clearances where almost twice the factory spec. This was a blue printed block, with blueprints no where to be found.


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