Wiring Harness With Fusebox for Single, Dual or Triple Fuel Pump Setup


As Seen on Pure Function You Tube channel!!!

This Fuel pump wiring harness, will be the last wiring harness your Supra will ever need. It can grow with your power goals and its setup to run one, two or three pumps! If you are like most of us and use the Trusty Walbro 267 or 274 AKA as the walbro 450 this fuel pump wiring harness with integrated fuse and relay box is what you have been looking for. The Kit starts with a 8 gauge Milspec wire that is easy to run inside the car. From there it goes to our standard dual fuel pump relay and fused fusebox. It supplies each fuel pump with 14 gauge wire from each fuse and relay. Each Walbro pump has been designed to run at a minimum of 13.5 volts and a max of 18 amps. each one of our fuel pump circuits is designed to do a max of 30 amps. Well above the recommended fuel pump voltage and power supply.  This fuse box setup compliments the PHR dual and triple walbro fuel pump hangers very well. Last but not least, what about the triggers to the relays? We use the already existing wiring from the factory fuel pump ECU to allow us to trigger up to three pumps from your preferred engine management systems ( you must configure your ecu outputs to trigger the pumps as needed) All of our engine harness/EMS packages come setup to take advantage of this fuel pump wiring harness!  Don't have de-pinning tools? Our kit will include tools to make that job easier! Have a setup or special request? using stock hanger? modified hanger? No problem! in the order notes section please explain your setup and if it's not clear, You can email us, so you can provide your special request.