Power steering reservoirs are not just flashy cans made out of some fancy metal. There is actually a method to this madness. The can has to hold enough fluid to allow proper supply to the pump. It also has to not allow the pump foam up the fluid as it heats up. last but not least it also has to release pressure if needed with out letting the fluid out. Ever since we started to use this particular reservoir we noticed that the fluid would stay clean longer. This reservoir has internal baffles and specific placement of pick up and return ports assure you of no aeration to the power steering fluid. (very important!) All of the reservoirs feature an exclusive positive seal 12-15 psi pressure relief cap that keeps the dirt from getting inside and lets the heat related pressure out. -6 return and a -10 feed is recommended. The reservoir is made with these ports already, so no guess work on what size is best! This reservoir is perfect for any Swap or for replacing your old Toyota or Nissan dirty reservoir.