We bring you the first engine harness and AEM EMS plug and play solution for 1JZGTE and 2JZGTE. This will allow you to buy any loose JZ engine that has a cut harness or to upgrade an old harness that is givinging you issues. Our EMS/Harness package can be tailored to work with VVTi JZ engines! We use high temp shrinktube on all harnesses and high temp TXL wire. If you want to use Reychem DR-25 ask us for a quote.

As we sell this package, it can be configured to work with six jz coils or three VVTi coils. The EMS is configured and modded in house by us, that allows us to be flexible and be able to customize to what you are using. Since we make the Harness in house, we leave options open so you don't have to re-modify a new harness. Do you need 12v switch power to power up gauges? Yes, we leave room for that. All the hard wiring and setup is done for you. all you have to do is plug it in and drive it to a dyno! (we will send you a start cal. file once you have installed it)

What do we need from you harness wise? We need your original harness. Why? we reuse your body plug connectors, you can ship it flat rate USPS to our shop. If you have any other type of car and want a race harness built or are using different types of coils? send us an E-mail with your request and we can give you a quote based on your needs. This setup will work with all standard JZ coils and sensors. We recommend a 5 bar map sensor, fuel pressure sensor and air temp sensor if your JDM intake manifold is not equipped with one.

Please look at the AEM infinity package, It has currently replaced this ecu package as the benefits of the infinity ECU are far better then the V2 ECU's.