Comp Turbo and Kaizen Bring you our own blend of turbocharger. We start off with the robust CT43X Billet wheel and cover. With a 4 in inlet and 3in discharge T4 hot side with .96 AR Vband turbine outlet. Also features anti-surge and Comp Turbo's famous bullet tip! This turbo is capable of up to 900 hp with supporting mods. Perfect turbo for a stock 3 liter block with mild cams and stock ports. Excellent choice for stock compression E85 VVTi 2JZ engines.  These turbos start life as fresh built turbos. No surplus (oldstock parts) using old turbo tech with new compressor wheels. Comp Turbo is 100% made in the USA from new stock and raw materials. All Comp Turbo products come with a 1 year hassle free warranty. click on link to read details.