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E85 and correct fuel hoses

Why do we share this with the public? because we educate our clients, we don't try to sell you anything we can get our hands on. A lot of shops will try to sell all kinds of kits with out having any real world experience with E85 let alone leaded gas...  Many hoses and o-rings are commonly mad...

Big Corn Fuel System

Why a picture of a lonely fitting you may ask? well read ahead and keep checking back with updates.      The fun part about making a fuel system is...? Making sure that you use full flow fittings. Our feed is a -12 AN with a 10 return on two Magna fuel pumps... Yes some have s...


   So for our next Blog, we will show you how easy it is to install a Tomei ARMS Turbo on your 1jzgte VVTi engine. Please make sure that the engine is cool to the touch, and if you are not sure, allow it to sit overnight to avoid any burns. Like anything car related, please use common ...